Goodbye to Two Socks

Brent & Gloria said goodbye to their most loyal, steady, strong, gentle horse this week. He was over 31 years old! Two Socks has had a rough few months. He was unable to eat, and was struggling to find strength at all. We will miss him!


We love you, Two Socks! Thank you, from the many children who have been able to learn to ride with your help.


Winter in Little Valley

It’s been an amazingly beautiful and wet winter. We have received a ton of snow. It’s a blessing, obviously. But it’s also a ton of work! Dad & Mom have spend countless hours plowing the private road, even through 70 mph wind gusts last week that blew drifts across the road.

When we were able to house-sit for them in November, we were able to plow a little bit, along with an awesome neighbor, Marty. Thanks for all of your help! I had fun, learning how to work the snowplow truck. I kept wishing for more storms, to get to do it again. But I imagine it gets a bit tiresome for my sweet parents. However, I know they are happy to do it, and enjoy the work.

Here are a few pics of our kids, enjoying the snow this winter. Happy New Year! Come up and see the snow sometime. It’s deep and beautiful!