The Armstrongs


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Brent & Gloria are living their dream, in Little Valley, East of Farmington.

Brent was raised in Ammon, Idaho. Gloria was raised in Randolph, Utah. They both grew up working hard in rural settings, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. Because of their love of the outdoors, that’s where you’ll usually find them.

They met at BYU and were married in the Logan Temple. After Brent received his Juris Doctorate from George Washington University, in Washington D.C., they returned to Utah to raise their family.

They acquired the property above Farmington in 1978.  Brent & Gloria planned out their property, along with planners and others, including plans for the horses, arena, pastures, neighbors, buildings, roads, and details of the Little Valley development.

During the next few years, they improved the old pioneer rock home (formerly the Jonathan & Annie Wilcox home), built roads, installed electrical systems, built fences around pastures, water lines, built a perimeter fence, built barns, chicken coops, the machine shed, and a whole heck of a lot more. There are now a total of 7 homes with wonderful families living in Little Valley.


The old Wilcox home, remodeled around 1979-80 by the Armstrong family.


New fences, beautiful mountains in Little Valley, in 1983


Looking East from Little Valley. Up over that ridge is Pretty Valley. This is in 1983, just before the Armstrong family left for Hong Kong.


Looking down part of the dirt road to the Northwest. 1983

Brent & Gloria hired construction companies to help built the road up to Pretty Valley, built a water tank, generated a water system that gave them the ability to have pressurized water for the homes in Little Valley.

Brent had an idea that he wanted to breed Draft horses. He took his father-in-law, brother-in-law, and his 2 nephews to the 1979 California State Fair. He thought he’d want to learn more about draft horses there. But he ended up liking quarter horses better. He went to Hank Weischamp’s horse ranch in Southern Colorado. Hank sold him 10 mares and a stallion nick-named Skip in 1980.

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The Armstrong family lived in the little rock house for one year, then from 1983-86, The Armstrong family lived in Hong Kong while Brent served as mission president. After being away for so long, they came home to a large herd of horses. They sold a few, gave a few away, and kept some.

IMG_3159 IMG_3160

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The Armstrong Family lived in the old rock house from about 1986-89. It was an adventure, with all five children.

In 1988-89, Brent & Gloria planned the current added-on home with an architect, then built it. Gloria helped collect rock from around the property, to be split and utilized in and out of the house.

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Family Reunion 2009 151 Family Reunion 2009 224

This home has long been used by Brent & Gloria to entertain several guests, host events, and to host family & friends. They truly enjoy sharing what they have here in Little Valley. They love Farmington, and the friends they have made here.

Brent & Gloria’s five children are married and live all around the country: Virginia, South Carolina, Idaho, Texas & Utah. They have 19 grandchildren (1 more on the way!), one is married, three are serving missions. Their family is everything to them.

Pretty Valley dad DSCN1596 VgF4Yj-4vvUGPgklCRFm9_Ytt9LRDhSMft1X0kgRjSY


2 thoughts on “The Armstrongs

  1. These are two of my favorite people in all the world. Gloria and I grew up together. We are cousins and our fathers were partners in ranching. We learned to ride horses as little girls and have kept our love of horses for life. We learned to work hard with our mothers in our homes and in the fields harvesting hay and on the backs of horses moving cattle. We also learned the fine art of barrel racing our horses. Loved it. I love and appreciate the relationship Gloria and I have always had. More like sisters than cousins. We spent the weekend at Gloria’s and Brent’s home this past weekend. We, meaning the girl cousins from our fathers’ families. There were originally 7 of us. We lost one to cancer about 1 1/2 years ago. For about 25 years we have been having an annual cousins party where we spend about 3 days together remembering old times and making new times. We rotate where we have this party each year and always love when it is Gloria’s turn to host. She is wonderful. Love their Pretty Valley.


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