Directions & Maps

Upon receiving permission to cross over the Armstrong property (see “Contact Us” above), you may hike up to Pretty Valley by following these directions.

Google Map with trail marked.

Pretty Valley is located in the hills above Farmington, Utah.

From the Cemetery at about 200 E  500 S in Farmington, drive up “Woodland Drive”/500 South, going East. As you round the bend to the right, you’ll continue past these signs:

IMG_3105 IMG_3107

You will then curve to the left, and come upon 3 speed bumps. Stay to the right, continuing onto a dirt road.

Do not travel on the Allen land, that’s pictured to the left, through locked gates, without permission from them.

IMG_3109 IMG_3111

Right after you are off of the pavement, you’re now on Little Valley Road. This road was built and is maintained by the Armstrongs. A large reservoir, fenced in with barbed-wire, is to the right. This is the area that can accommodate large groups of cars (8+) for parking. (Pictured below) There’s another, smaller parking area up near the residents of Little Valley, which we will explain later.

IMG_3112 IMG_3113

If you’d like to hike to Pretty Valley without crossing the Armstrong land, please utilize the trail marked “Davis Creek Trail”, just around the bend from this reservoir (pictured below). Please do not park by this trailhead. Little Valley Road, in its entirety, needs to be clear of parked vehicles. This is to allow for maintenance, safety & snow removal…etc.


IMG_3117 IMG_3120 IMG_3121

The Davis Creek Trail is managed and maintained by the Farmington Trails Committee. You do not need to get permission from the Armstrong’s for this trail. Please keep in mind this trail is more difficult and steep than the trail that passes south through the Armstrong land…which is described below.

If you’ve received permission to pass over the Armstrong land, here is what you’ll see on the way up the road… beautiful mountains and pastures.

IMG_3122 IMG_3123

As you enter the area of Little Valley, you’ll see this sign on the right side of the road. If you are a “guest”, please park your car to the left, in the grassy area parking lot, as pictured below.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125IMG_3126

After parking your vehicles here, or down at the reservoir, you’ll hike south from this spot, between the two homes there.

IMG_3130 IMG_3132

Stay by the fence to the left, where there is a fork in the road. You’ll come to a red gate with this sign posted:


Please pass through the gate. It is not locked. But please close the gate after passing through it, attaching the chains again. Stay to the left again, and take the steeper path. You’ll pass by these gates. Continue to the right, on this road, do not turn a sharp left into that area.


You’ll arrive at locked gates, just southeast of the large brown barn. Please climb over the gates, using the left or right ends of the gate (to avoid bending in the gate). The road that extends uphill to the South of this gate is the road to Pretty Valley. No motorized vehicles are allowed.


View from the gate, to the Southwest.

IMG_3149 IMG_0872


After the sharp left turn, you’ll be heading NE. Here’s a view down to the NW from about there.

IMG_0883 IMG_0885

As you get closer to Pretty Valley, you’ll notice it will flatten out, after a short & steep section.




Fire pits are pictured below. One is near the trail at the East end of Pretty Valley, before the trail gets steep again (that trail heads to Hell Hole, the beautiful waterfall). The other fire pit is NW of the trail, just as you get onto the flat area of Pretty Valley. It’s near the NW overlook of the Western view.

Please seek permission from the Fire Department before using fires. See the Contact Us tab above for the Fire Warden’s info.


Beauties of Pretty Valley


Looking NW from Pretty Valley


Below, we will describe the image from Google of part of Little Valley & Pretty Valley.

The homes, barns, pastures and yards of the Armstrong’s & their neighbors in Little Valley are in the upper left corner (NW) of the image below.

The trail to Pretty Valley, through the Armstrong land, runs South past their large brown barn up to that squiggly “V” shape bend in the trail at the center/bottom of the image.

You see the trail veer North, and then East. As you come into Pretty Valley, in the NE/center area of this image, you’ll note that the land becomes flat, after a short and steep incline.

Welcome to Pretty Valley!

Here's a google map screenshot of the Armstrong Ranch and Pretty Valley

Here’s a google map screenshot of the Armstrong Ranch and Pretty Valley


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